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In Rotterdam, a Picasso stolen was buried in Romania


A track, however, is not yet complete. In 2012, a museum in the Netherlands found seven paintings found in a forest in eastern Romania.

According to Romania's Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime (DIICOT), the picture of Pablo Picasso's "Harlequin Hedgwill" is estimated to be around 800,000 euros, "Saturday evening in the Tulsa Department".

They lost these two paintings, estimated at 18 million euros, a Moroccan, gaujin and mattis. He tried to destroy evidence of his son's murder, a key letterholder, Radu Dakur, who raped his son.

But the mysterious message sent to a Dutch writer named Mira Festu, a Romanian, has revived the hope of finding some of these miracles.

"I covered the snow with my hands and started digging the earth"

A dozen days ago, "a letter was received in Romania about the location of Picasso." Meera Festu, the author of a novel, said about this theft. Dutch "Flight of the Century".

The writer says I'm ready to contact a Dutch policeman who handled the case. "But he did not tell me to call me, I bought a plane to Romania."

Then he went to a forest in Tulcea, about fifteen miles from there. "I bought two trays, but until I disappeared from wherever I go, I started to ditch a snowcourse with my hands." Wrapped in plastic, "she continued.

There are no alarms on boards

But experts are careful. "I have concerns about authenticity," said former van curator of the Troton collection Peter van Bevaren, the Dutch public television nose.

"The job is completely hoarded, but there is a lot of unusual in this case, the documents and the colors have not been merged, and I think it's a lie because of what I saw," he added.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman confirmed that his "authenticity should now be established".

In 2014, four Romanians were sentenced to imprisonment for robbery and given to 18.1 million euro insurance companies.

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London Bridge's "Waterloo Bridge", a "woman standing in front of the bride" of Claude Monet's "Chary Cross Bridge" and Paul Gowgin, was stolen from October 15 to 16, 2012, with seven master paintings owned by the Triton Foundation.

A suspect first claimed that he had burned the pictures

Later, they had been hiding in to Romania, and their sales were unsuccessful.

Selling this mistake was identified and arrested by criminals.

Olga Dakuru, a member of the gang of criminals, created a shock in international art, attempting to destroy evidence from Rumania in a village called Karkaliya, who said that she had burned paintings inside the wooden room in her bathroom. But she withdrew.

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