Tuesday , January 19 2021

Influenza Vaccine: Almost Empty Shares

Vaccination against the flu this year was a real success. As evidence, there are still very few vaccines available in the pharmacy. So a new order has been issued by the Ministry of Health, which suggests that reserves should meet again.

Flu Vaccination Success

This is the first time in France that the flu vaccination campaign has been very successful. Indeed, in a few weeks the shares were empty. For Health Minister, Agnes Buzin, this is a very good news because it means: " […]Vaccination interest messages begin to flow in the vicinity of the flu. In addition, inventories rose 10% in the last year. "

Some farms, such as those over 65 years old, pregnant women or patients having chronic diseases, are likely to reserve their last dose of influenza vaccine for priority. Other people will have to be patient and wait for the new order to relieve the stocks again which will soon come. The Health Minister is also assuring on this topic: "There is still time for the vaccine because the flu has not yet reached."

Success of the vaccination campaign this year is possible because of the confidence of the trust in vaccinations, the simple procedure to vaccinate the people in the risk, and the crucial trials of vaccinations in pharmacy Specific areas

Last year, as a reminder, the flu, which in some cases is deadly disease, causes 13,000 deaths. 85% of those who died in over 75% of people were particularly affected by the vaccination campaign.

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