Tuesday , January 26 2021

"It seems that the plane is falling apart"

Cardiff traveler from Nantes went on board with Italian-Argentinian striker Emilio Salon north of 20 km north of Gornesi Islands on Monday night. Air traffic controllers lost track on English channel until 8pm.

Gurnessi police announced on an 18-hour stroke of a temporary halt of the discovery of the aircraft on Tuesday. "The current plan is to resume Wednesday on Wednesday"Tweeted on the Anglo-Norman Island Police.

Argentine daily Olee on Tuesday evening, after an Argentine rider rode on a plane, caught the voice messages sent to his relatives:

► "My brothers, why are you? I'm tired, I spent the day in Nantes, stuff and stuff and stuff … it never stopped. I'm on the plane, it looks like it's different. I will take you to Cardiff. Tomorrow (Tuesday), I start training with my new team, we will see what will happen. "

► "How are you guys? If you do not have any news in one and a half hours … I do not know that they will send me a choice because they can not find me … I have fears."

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