Sunday , January 24 2021

Jean-Charles Luptero trial stalled!


The trial of Jean-Charles Luptero has been postponed in the Nummur Criminal Court. The burgemaster of Sumberville allegedly allegedly acted in public areas of the highway area highway area of ​​Spy (Gemap-Sur-Sambar) in the spring of January 28, 2014. Can not take the case, one of the defendant's lawyers, Mark Euittendale confirmed it.

Why? Mr. Euittendale: "Quite clearly, we asked in advance that the procedure was routine. The Namur Criminal Court was without any logic, and despite this fact, we are believed to have admitted three opinions of three constitutionalists from three major French-speaking universities. However, the argument, if we do not oppose it today, it will become obsolete, we will not be able to invite it anymore. So, we were forced to appeal to this one aspect alone. So this file is sent to the appeal court to respond to this one question."


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