Sunday , January 24 2021

"Justice cracks everywhere"


Mons, the first President of the Court of Appeal of Philip Morandeni, sends alarm rumors: "Justice cracks everywhere". In Le Solar Columns, he has urged parliamentarians to provide the necessary funding that the courts and tribunals have human resources that they legally deserve. Philip Morrundy challenged parliamentarians to insufficient magistrates and clerks. It turns to Parliament because the government is in the current business and therefore it is the parliament which can vote, by provisional perennials, adequate funds are actually allocated for human resources as defined by law.

For example, a third part of the staff in the Mons Court of Appeal is missing. In the court of the first instance of Haito, 97 (or 80%), only 78 have been occupied.

As a result, the backlog of cases that were abolished in Hainaut four or five years ago, revived after one or two years after the schedule.

"The government has declined and all the parties talk about the program, the priority of citizens, but in the context of the decisive lack of human resources, almost anyone speaks about justice." It does not seem to be a priority when we talk about renewal. "Mr. Morandini is sorry.

According to Suderses, judges world actors will express dissatisfaction on March 20. Vincent McKay, president of the King of Namur and Vincent McKay, the president of the judicial executive, said, "In the whole country, they will oppose the lack of solutions that obstruct this essential service of our democracy." Newspaper set.

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