Monday , August 15 2022

Laili joins as a leader in Lappi. Neville is dropped to 10th place



The Belgian lips have been stripped but left behind.

The first thing to clean up, the second specialist is how difficult it is to open the road here. The first and second on the road was signed by Sebastian Ojier and Tierrie Newville at the 11th and 10th fastest. At this stage the French is trying to ensure his accuracy.

Juri Matti Latwava scored her first scratch while the Huntai Hayden Padan came in front of 3.1 seconds. Ott in the fourth place was 3.4 per cent.

But the gaps are certainly very strong, and the next shadows should have evolved into a range of 26.68 km and more. The suspension is also its height, the first night revival. You may continue to follow the race evolution
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