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Laurie Pester Leaves "Tomorrow is with us" and goes on a tour: Dates!

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Since 2017, Lorie With "Tomorrow is engaged with us", Paster invites himself every day in the small French Mark. This is aired on TF1 in the daily series, it plays one of the main characters, the police lieutenant Lucy Salducci. Lucy was written for me. At the base, there was no Lucy. When TF wanted to come to me in the show, they wrote the role for me The former Tin statue guarantees microphones Pure Charts In the spring, to admit that the leadership of double career was not easy … When you're well-organized, it's easy. What is more complicated for me to sleep! I do not have much time to relax. My first week closed for seven months. I did not stop. In all weeks I was st filming for filming and I went to the weekend (…), but I fell sick of course! .

Tour and Paris Concert!

Car Lorie Pester, who planned to dump everything, did not leave the music. "In the beginning of the year 2017" was a new album, "Stop Me" or "On Latin Ball" in early 2000, it was a new album: It is called "things of life" because it has 12 songs, stories which are 12 themes, and moments of my life are more personal, with more deep texts. I did not ever give myself so much . This intimate project, Lorie Pasteur was able to present it during the concert in Olympia on 31 May, which once again collaborated with its audience. On a significant date at a mythical place, he gave the stage back. The singer has made a good decision in the "50 minutes" missions on Saturday: she will be fleetingly "engaged with us tomorrow". I will take a short break. One year short break It's a break because I need time to do other professional projects She said to Nicos aliagas.
But bad news can hide good. If Lorie Leicester will be separated from Salducci With sadness For a while, because she will go on a tour of Methi, the first song after "The Tour 2 Lor" in 2008. The series of concerts, called "Des Shows Was Strict", will start in Paris from March 9, and then Lil (April 19), Leon (May 9), Aesnei (May 10) and Geneva (May 11). Other dates should be followed shortly after the date of travel has been decided 2019/2020 According to retracing his career as a teaser. Ticket office is already open!

Watch the trailer for the new travel d Lorie :

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