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League of Nations: The Netherlands defeated the Formal Former Uruguay in Germany

League of Nations: The Netherlands defeated the Formal Former Uruguay in Germany

Virgil van Djjk (D) wrestled Germany 3-2 against Germany in the 19th Test on November 19, 2018. Gölsenichchen John MacDougall

"Orange" again! The Netherlands qualified on Monday after a four-year disaster. France qualified for the semi-finals in the fourth season of the League. Gelsenkirchen in Germany.

Quincy Pyermes (85) and captain Virgil van Dijk (90 + 1) scored twice.

Germany won the crown in the first 20 minutes. Timo Werner (9th), Leo Sane (20).

In the finals, the French have 7 points for the Netherlands, but their all-round competition will go ahead with Blues (2-1 in France's first half and 2-0 in place of Netherlands).

"Aranj" is the final match of this new match in Portugal, Portugal, Portugal, England and Switzerland. The deeder's Denchambamb and his team will see them on television.

Germany's coach Joc McMurray's absence in September and October is against Germany. He is in last position with two points in the German League. The next League of Nations will play in Group B.

Coach Ronald Keeman sponsors this Dutch team within a few months. His courage and enthusiasm yield fruit. She had a serious fall in Germany on the Monday afternoon, proud German who was revived in Germany. It's more than the worst year in their history.

– "Show our character" –

Koeman hoped for a difficult night: "I will be more aggressive against France than France, because France is waiting for a team in Germany," he prophesied.

"But we have to go to showcase our character, it's passing through to the game with the idea of ​​winning, and we do not think we should defend, our game is playing, it's attacking," he said. .

Three days ago, Kimon believed to have won the World Champions 2-0 win, renewing eleven players to nine. Changes Only: Instead of Dumfries for defense, replacing Tatin with the attack on the Barwaz.

Yet, the young Germans who attacked the 85-minute attack forced him to defend the horns.

Joe Lewe's men will play after two goals, after which Werner (46, 62nd), (71) and Shoes (81) were eliminated.

In the meantime, the Dutch could not find this mistake, and they had to wait to make their first opportunity for up to 78 minutes: Memphis Depe in the German defense, in the first parade of Noor.

It's been a surprise for the last five minutes. The first women, and the brave captain Van Djjk, the supporters of "Organj", who came to Gersenneń, collapsed, less than an hour from the border between the two countries.

These youngsters and the Dutch team continue their journey. The League of Nations is not a major match yet, but Depay has promised future friends Joe, Babel and Ligt.

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