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Link between Chardacon and prostate cancer: Call for proposals shortly – 23/01/2016

(AFP) – A call for proposals for the establishment of a study on the phenomenon of carcinogenic disinfectant and prostate cancer in West Indies, in contact with Charlockon in the first half of 2019, was announced on Tuesday. Not the government

The study, asked by the Senate by Senator Dominic Theophile, "still contains very little" on the link between pesticide and prostate cancer, State Secretary Health Christel Dubois explained to the Minister that the National Cancer Institute was in touch with Claudéckon and prostate cancer and "Call for proposals To launch "going to the question of the link" in April 2018 " Set a study to give a b. "

The proposals of the institution issued in December 2018 are "under analysis" and "a call for projects will be launched in the first half of 2019".

For the recognition of professional diseases related to prostate cancer and exposure to chordacon, he announced that "Insulin and ANSex" work on "prostate cancer and its link". During the first half of 2019, the commission's direction will be given "exposure to pesticides" in the charge of the preparation of tables of diseases.

"It is worth waiting for the second half of 2019 to see the results of the process," she said.

During his trip to the West Indies in late September, Emanuel announced to Macro that pollution should take pollution "part of the responsibility" in Pollardo.

He then said that "the state of scientific knowledge" does not allow "the certification of" the danger of human health to the danger, "potentially link to premature birth, delay in brain development and other pathology". But he has publicly disclosed "the process of opening a register of professional diseases" to people open with Chardacon.

Banana producers are used in the Caribbean until 1993, the pesticides are still present in the soil, where they continue for about 600 years.

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