Thursday , September 16 2021

Mahmood bin Mahmud and Dardane Brothers's fatwa and The Golden Tante


Fatma, the co-producer of the darren brothers, won the Golden Tony Award for the best director award at the Mahmud Ben Mahmud Carthage Film Days. He also packs the price of a good man. The 29th Congress of the Annual Cultural Organization Film Days (CGC) took place in the heart of Tunisian capital from 3 to 10. Tunisian director Mahmud Ben Mahmoud has congratulated Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud and paid a Golden Tony for "Fatwa" at the closing ceremony. Images of the Dordon Brothers River.

Golden Tannit is the CGC's most prestigious granple. The name of Sandra Goddess of ancient Carthage, with its shape, a horizontal line and a circle raised the triangle.

Ahmed Hafia was conferred the award for a Film Festival. Fatwa's Film Festival has been rewarded twice. Under the leadership of Tunisian Brahme Nadvaur, who lives in France, Thucydides' body was killed by his body. Braim decided to make an inquiry as he discovered that Yummon was working in an extremist Islamic group. To understand the reasons for its transformation and to identify the disciplines.

During the week of the competition, the movie Fatwa was collected by viewers in Tunisia theaters.

Worldwide popularity at the Jint Festival in October, "Fatwa" has doubled in the JCC in Tuls.

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