Wednesday , January 27 2021

Major talk in France: Merlen Shiappa will present a show with Cyril Hanau

The presence of state secretaries for equality among women and men in the show has raised controversy on social networks.

OneWhile hundreds of discussions are arranged everywhere in France as part of the Great National Debate, the C8 channel is eager to contribute. In a statement, the management announced that the state's Secretary of State for Equality between men and women and the fight against discrimination, Marlon Shiappa, will co-host the special issue of Balance Tan Post with Cyril Hanau, January 25.

Channel offers viewers the ability to vote live "Seven Ways to Get Government"

In this issue, the presence of Marlene Shiappa, which is a subject of many complaints to the CSA for discriminatory commentary, has created controversy on social networks.

The Secretary of State saved himself in the tweet.

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