Monday , July 26 2021

Metrotonic implants are involved in many deaths

According to reports of analyzed clinical implant events in Sunday, international journalist investigations published in the U.S. The company is associated with the MedTronic United States between 2008 and 2017, potentially 9, 300 deaths and 292,000 injuries.

Last year, the US According to reports received from regulators, due to medical implants, one of the five incidents was associated with the Medantronic product, which was more than double than any competitor in the company.

The "implantable files" survey conducted by the media in 36 countries in the framework of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) notes that reports made to authorities in Japan, Norway and Australia have also been included in the American company among the largest number of events in the last five years.

In detail, since 2008, insulin pumps manufactured by Medutnik or their components are potentially involved in more than 2,600 deaths and 150,000 injuries in the United States to support diabetics. And in interviews with journalists made by sufferers and families of victims in Finland, Germany, Canada, India and the United States, the company responded slowly to its claims. Insulin pumps or certain risks are not reported to them.

US The Federal Drug Agency has noted that it is common that the largest manufacturer of medical devices is the one who knows the biggest incidents, says ICIJ.

In the long article on its website, however, there are a number of cases in the Consortium, in which Medtronic has been involved in improper use of her planting or for suspicious relationships with doctors, either judicially or morally involved. Use of its products or the origin of convenient studies.

In ICIJ's written response, Medtronic spokesman Rob Clark says that patient safety is the top priority of the company, the "highest ethical standards" meeting.

"These allegations are not facts and suggest that the Mettronic has not violated our legal, ethical or regulatory responsibilities in one way or the other," he added, adding that there is a risk to the medical production.

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