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NEO 1 project approval is expected in the second half of 2019


Planning Certificate in his pocket, Applications for NEO1 megaproject requests to change physical clarification of Heisel Petro. Michael Dieseline, COO Unibail-Rodamco is planning. Open the first part of the project in 2023.

There are 97 shopping centers in different shopping malls in India now. The current projects, including NEO 1, total € 12.5 billion. Recently speaking about Brussels news, COO of the group, Michele Dasloyne and his two lieutenant members.

Heaisil NEO has months since we heard about the project. 1. How did this certification of urban planning provide a strategic action?

Instead of talking, we like to work. With intelligence and efficiency. We made the necessary changes first after we first put in the environment certificate list. Now we have been actively using the Urbanisation Certificate In the Building App applications, We are looking to invest in the second half of 2019. It's time to minimize the chance of getting the maximum profit from the maximum possible solutions. In the moment the main PRAS (local land use plan) is. But this file is not in our capabilities.

Is business partnership now taking over?

The FIG Leisure time The park was signed by Cagni de Alps. He is also Pu-To-fow, who works on the project.
Contract with movie operators, Kineapolis Signed. Two engineers reached the station.
Some of the projects have been reviewed by nurseries, roofs, more vegetables and parking facilities in areas where electronic cars can boost charging stations. Then there is the main facet of future work in the site: something we need from 2023 to open 4,500 bilingual employees. The training program launched by Actis was started.

Michael Dasselowline, a Belgian. "I've been living in Belgium for several months."
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What is the biggest commercial possibility in this phase, or investment in the Hayesal Plateau is complicated or threatening Finan-Rodamco?

Unless this is specified, they will have a delays or shortcomings in the disadvantage. But when there is a possibility that I might be, I assure you what is happening and what is happening in the end.

If everything was fixed, what would you do in 2023?

With our Belgian partners we have shopping center, half of 590 housing units, rest parks, related services and 3,500 parking spaces.

These car parks were not just about the realities of neighboring estates. What is the present situation at the table?

"A map of a wide variety of diversions has already begun, NEO is the first such point in this point: 30% of the lands for the rest of the country."

As far as the final decision is not reached, all the circumstances have not been delayed or complicated to our project. Whether or not the parking c to the final Eurostad, whether it exists or not, A12 motorway, without considering the subject of the final project. We hope that around 50% of people traveling in Havil since 2023 will use public transport, but we should definitely try to attract other half of the visitors there. For this purpose, we have met municipal authorities and the Flemish region in the neighborhood. I remind you that Road Permit has been issued for roads connecting the Flemish and Brussels regions.

Retail is currently in crisis. Have you reviewed your primary menu and updated the offer?

A spurland is intended to be established.

I assure you: Trade can not die, make profit … Unlike most operators active in e-commerce category, it is still non-profitable and sustainable. NEO also have the opportunity to continue displaying personalization and flexibility as display cases. In addition, we opened the wide variety of cards. At this point, NEO has been the first such enterprise: 30% of the vacancies. The recent acquisition of Westfeed, after we acquired its expertise in the event segment, strengthens this unprecedented "Omnibal" offer. Existing sites can be done in a big way by taking into account the open spaces. This would be the case in Hessel Plateau. We think about the repeated partnership with design.

Will the Westfield Trojan horse increase or increase the number of stores?

of course! To enhance the offer oriented "health and beauty", fashion will reduce the percentage of "fashion" brands and increase the functionality of "fitness". We're going to have a lot of work to curb the last mile prices for freight traffic. The new ideas are in the forefront of the most creative brands. At the same time, our job is to create a relationship between consumers and retailers. At present our stores have 7.4 million customers in our mobile applications. They will be 19 million in two years. For Horacca, we're thinking of signing a contract with a group like Moma, which is about 5000 sq ft. Everything differs from a modern business model that combines complex art forms and satisfaction from the mall.

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