Wednesday , September 28 2022

One of the organizers of the collection of Yellow Vests in Brussels recaptured: "We have decided to suspend the event"


A meeting of "Yellow Wests" was to be held in Brussels on November 30. After meeting between municipal authorities and organizers, the event was authentic. But this Monday night turnaround situation Gary Ducan, a planner, pulls back. Through a video posted on his Facebook account, he claims that the event "has been canceled". There is no confirmation from the police at the moment.

"I and my group planned to perform, it has been canceled, because the movement of the yellow West is people's movement, so there are people who have to speak. I did not speak as a yellow jacket, maybe the media saved my words but I Not a yellow vest's spokesperson, I'm just a citizen, with my group, we had to make a demonstration, the problem is that after that, organizing an illegal exhibition in Brussels It was said before and it does not generate a lot of controversy. It generates stress, that day remains in danger of exaggerations. There "Gary Ducan explains.

"We realized that we do not have enough meeting"

According to him, one of the main reasons for cancellation is organizational. "We are forced to serve one man's police service for 50 opponents, I do not know that you have the idea, but we are unable to know this number, it can see 100 people, 100, 100.000. Do not know, Decided to suspend, that is the first reason, and we also realized with our group that we do not have much advice (…) ", He says.

The yellow West has the desire to make the group more "solid" by asking for "lawyers" and "people who are knowledgeable in politics". Police spokesman Elles van de Kier, from Brussels Capital-Eixels, has approached us, saying we are not informed of possible cancellation. This is Monday night, so time is uncertain …

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