Wednesday , May 18 2022

Péron: We replace the copy, the first!


The lid

Early on Thursday morning, Peron was made to Place to March

This monument dates back to the 14th century. Charles the Bold was introduced in 1468 by Peron as a symbol of liberal freedom. It has reached Bruges. Ten years later, the prince Princess Lou Bourbon brought him back. Respect.

"Lijiaal has since enthusiastically accepted him and became the pandas of their citizenship"Earlier this year we were told to the Heritage Capitol, Thursday, November 15, 2018, five months later, it will replace …

That is why Peron has given importance to it. This is an extraordinary legacy of this great heritage in Valencia. Peron's arrival, though experts believe, is essential for its replacement, rather than its replacement. In fact, two of the sculptures of Carola Marble and the Three Graves showed signs of vandalism. It's done in the level of the column "Very flexible and very damaging". Needs to be repaired. So it uses the same copy of the Mara Marble. Three lines joined Curtis Museum.

Originally, there was a copy of the sculpture, which would set up a new charcoal marble. Operating cost: € 332,568.

Do not be afraid of interpretations because of the extraordinary nature of this legacy, the surgery performed on Thursday evening is irrelevant. From 6:30 am onwards, Crowne will arrive at Place du Marne. It will be set from 7am to 8 am This will continue until 10:30 The structure and their installations will be opened.

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