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Polluted air is as harmful to the lungs as breathing is to one cigarette smoking a day.


Air pollution, including ozone pollution, which is increasing as a result of global warming, contributes to an increase in the number of pulmonary emphysema, a new study warns.

Published in the JAMDA Journal and led by scientists from the American University of Columbia, Buffalo (New York) and Washington Washington, this new large-scale study is cited Direct link Among the main sources Air pollution And a Increase in the number of pulmonary emphysema.

Pulmonary emphysema is a chronic illness that destroys the cells of the lung cells (pockets of air that expand the airways). According to the authors of the study, a Long-term exposure Air pollution is the same as smoking One pack of cigarettes a day for 29 years.

"The impact of air pollution on the progression of emphysema was as important as the impact of smoking, which is by far the most known cause of emphysema," said Dr. Joel.

To reach this conclusion, researchers studied 18 years of longitude between 2000 and 2018 among 6,814 adults in six major cities in the United States: Chicago, Winston-Salem, NC, Baltimore, Los Angeles, St. Paul, Minnesota, and New York.

Ozone pollution increases as a result of global warming

Sci entists related to animals Presents a detailed review based on precise measurements of air pollution exposure taken over the years in cities.

Emphysema is studied by a lung scan of trained individuals, who have also performed several lung function tests to measure the speed and volume of the air they breathe and exhale.

The results show that Tropical ozone, Produced by car and industry emissions, IncreaseGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

"Ground level will continue to rise as ozone The temperature will increase With climate change"Said Dr. Graham Barr, a Columbia Medical School professor who participated in the study.

"These results are important because tropospheric ozone increases and the amphithema dose predicts hospitalization and death from lung diseases.", Adds Dr. Cotter.

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