Thursday , January 21 2021

Real Problems of "10 Year Challenge"

Clear B.

For more than a fortnight, social networks have flooded with photos highlighting "the 10 year challenge." It puts two images in one side of the side. 10 years ago (2009) and another one dating this year.

An entertaining "game" that millions of Internet users are excited to play. The stars are not released, they are among the first people to face the challenge. Some people took the opportunity to hear the sound about the current state of our environment, in which the blue planet has been constantly worsened for the last ten years. These words were clearly illustrated by images that show damage to the earth. But the initiator of this challenge quickly became viral on the web and what is the goal?

According to Kate O & # 39; Neal of Wired magazine, Facebook is behind the 10-year challenge. Indeed, according to this, this internet giant uses this practice to examine algorithms on aging and earn money through targeted marketing on personal information.

By analyzing the face, advertisers can better target their marketing campaigns. For example, if your face is acne, you are encouraged with anti-circled cream pubs. It's a pretty easy method for working a lot of facial recognition.

To counter all these allegations, Canadian Canadian spokesman rejected the allegations that the system was set up to test its algorithms on facial recognition. The spokesman at the website said, "Facebook has not started this movement, which itself has become viral." Today, the Challenge of 10 years has crossed the boundaries of Facebook and found on Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is left to see that the next challenge is that all Internet users will try to increase on the web.

Fabrice Nade

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