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The main cast of "A Wonderful Family". – Pierre Gibert / Panama Productions / TF1

  • TF1's oldest fiction, A good familyIt will end in the 26th season.
  • Many adventurers in the Beaumont family have followed millions of fans across generations.
  • The values ​​given by soap operators will show the viewer.

Turning on a page in the history of small screens. 26 years later, A good family The end of the 15th season ends, this Monday starts at 21 hours for TF1. the reason? Joel Santoni, director of the Beaumont family editor Bernard Le Coke, is unlikely to go unexpectedly due to illness. "I can not say we're going to do something like this, or if it's something." On the 28th, he said. Paris.

This goes on to the oldest fiction fans of the six new episodes of TF1 to find. What is it that owes an extraordinary longevity?

We've followed the family for three decades

A couple of Catherine (Ananie Dupreei), Jacques (Bernard in Coke), Odray, Nicholas, Manon, Jeremy and Friedrich have been faithful for three decades. Season 14 has an average of 3.8 million viewers in recent years. But, Peak tv.

I saw the series at the age of nine. Jennifer Loret was the oldest when he started playing Frederick. I grew up, and it was very pathetic and realized. While she was part of my family, this is one of the most important sequences of many viewers, "says Julie Bryan, author of Albi. A beautiful family of 25 years! (Michael Lapphon), a community manager in the series

A family with Joy Satoni's soul

A special link When viewers join together in this fondness, the relationship between the members of the Beaumont family is real. "The public was not wrong. A good family Joyal Santoni has kept his life. It shows on the screen. These sincere viewers see, they do not have a partnership on the screen Fake Julie Bruin says.

To continue: "This has created a series of twenty-five years, he and his family on television. Technology, a set of programs each year, and found them tasty. Naturally, this has occurred. Rare for such a long-term program for the distribution of Beaumont in 1992, the family's main achievement. Protagonist of the series, Nicolas Beaumont Inre director Romeo sarphatti wrote on social networks, prepared by the words: "Our family has given us ascaryabharya. Thanks for everything, a good trip and my job! ".

It's a great family

The Beaumont family is in the sense of being the "good family of the French." "Many Internet users are explaining that the series will follow, because I have a family I do not have," says Julie Bryan. Surprisingly, the viewers are more valuable sequences and "wonder scenes where the simple family scenes are, wherever they are, nothing", she wonders.

The collaboration between good mood and Katrine (Anne Dupreier) and Jacques (Bernhard in Coke) is very commendable. "Jale Sotoni has given some of the characters in the real personality of these actors, they play the score that they know with heart," says Julie Bruin.

A family with everyone's problems

"From the beginning we have these interesting and beautiful stories, but most importantly, the issues we're discussing: Twenty-five years ago we were gay, drugs, my character, cancer, berriaves (…) For 25 years of the series, Dupree was treated with such a long-term vision Maybe thank you. "

Expecting the heroineA big family It remembers it as a series of social views of the French when handling certain universal subjects beyond the reach of the family. "

This series gives victory over the skillful balance between good emotions and realities. "These characters are living things, they give it to a real site, but they live in a nice house, which they do not have real money for money or money," says the author.

"The gigantic moments should not be very unreal and serious moments, not very serious," remembers the expert. The journey to Béatrice Agenin's resurrection, which led to a long illness, led to poor fans in the series. "It was a real break for some fans who stopped seeing this death show, and people do not understand," she explains. The end of the series and Catherine's choices, especially the surprise of the viewer, offer Julie Brune, who has got the opportunities. Not bad for twenty-five series, right?

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