Monday , June 14 2021

Red Lions defeated France 2-0 against France

The last World Cup was won by Belgian hockey players France 2-0 (FIF-20). The left score was 0-0. Red Lions, who are in third place in the world, have achieved crucial goals in Felix Dennis and Nicholas de Kerpel.

Along with Jon-Dohmenen, Disease and Goalkeeper Vincent Vanash, he criticized this last experiment in Belgian soil. Instead, Louis vantoor was replaced by the cedric chorus, Sebastian Dokeyer (reversion), and was waiting in the second half before Belgium opened the scoring.

All competitors in the competition Dominers, Shane McLeod's opponents opposed a strong opposing group. Their finest goalkeeper playing in Ortiz in Belgium based on Arthur Tiffi. Finally, it was Pholeyix Denver. In penalty shootout – Lions' fourth side – Thiefeer (43) reached the nearer. In the last over, Nicholas de Kerepel top scored with 55.

This match lays down a number of three friendly matches within five days. On Sunday, the Belgians lost 4-1 in Ireland and the Netherlands defeated Netherlands 3-4 on Sunday.

Shane McLeod's entire team will be trained at Belgian soil on Friday. Lions will travel from Mumbai to Mumbai on November 21 to Mumbai. Bhubaneswar will stay on Saturday 24th November. The match against England in the fourth Test on Monday will take place in the final set.

Two days later, the host country (FIH-5), South Africa (FIF-15), Red Lions, Canada (FIF-11) two days later. Each group will qualify directly in the quarter finals. The third and third of each group plays a roadblok to join the top 8.

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