Saturday , June 10 2023

Salando and Hugo Bose enjoyed an infinite summer


With the exception of unusual high temperatures in the season settled in the beginning of winter clothing purchases. Salando and Hugo Bose fell in sales.

Salando in stock market

Take a jacket and Hugo Boss

Tuesday is far from a boss size. The two squads on the third railway are facing a clash Summer clothing is the constant cause of winter temperatures delayed in the winter wear. Salento's shares dropped 8.52 percent and Hugo Bose fell by 3.53 percent..

Even if it is much smoother for investors Hugo BoseThis is due to the fashion group We could predict the whole yearThat is, the profit margin is low Salando has already reviewed his position twice In the last quarter.

Online sales group has business specific issues. This makes investors scared. Among others, Consumer orders decreased by 7% on average, 57.50 euros. New products, especially cosmetics, developed a group trying to increase the customer's value. But apparently, buying a dress does not include a new tube lipstick.

€ 66 million

Hugo Boss's net profit fell 18% to € 66 million in the third quarter. On the other hand, 77.3 million people expect average profit.

From July to September, Salando's loss of € 55.7 million was lost. The cost of clothing and footwear for e-commerce group increased. He was having trouble processing the recipients provided by the recipients. These materials need to be processed again to be sold again. There was a delay in this process. Once this problem is resolved, the group's head, Rubin Ritter, was quoted by the writer.

Done Hugo Bose reported a 18 percent decline in net profit at 66 million tonnes It is estimated to be only $ 77.3 million. In the endless summer, an estimated € 710 million is expected to replace an average of $ 714.10 million. ): The pressure from the competition in this group makes a substantial fiasco. Currency variations Hugo Bose hangs on income.

On the contrary, Asos smiled in the Forex market and the British Online Selling Groups


Results published a few weeks ago exceeded expectations. From the end of the first quarter, the pounds and euros have been adversely affected. Print owned by AB Foods

(+ 3.02% on Tuesday's London Stock Exchange), its results released Tuesday, exceeded expectations, and the benefit Weakening sterling.

But Salento and Hugo Boss's frustration protested against retailization. This is the second biggest repayment after Telecom. Other stocks are Index stocks

(-1.07%), H & M

(-2.57%) helped salute the victims of Salando and Hugo Bose.

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