Wednesday , August 4 2021

Sales by correspondence: 3 online sales are bought by expert


According to the Sunday newspaper quoting the founders of ShopInvest, the former star of 3 Suisse Mail Order, which currently has 40 employees, was bought by ShopInvest Online Trade Group.

The transaction amount has not been declared.

ShopInvest, managed by a couple of lives and business, Carine Scanjale and Olivere Gensberger, bought the company from Lily's expert Domotti in the mail-order market for sophisticated products.

According to JDD, turnover of 3 Suices is 120 million euros, which is more than one billion, which is still registered in 2005.

But, "We are betting on revival with 20 recruits dedicated to Paris," Olivever Gansberger told the newspaper.

ShopInvest, which makes an annual turnover of 35 million euros, manages ten fashion and decorative-centric sites, including Mons Corner, Bizzorama, Lemon Curve, and Declladeko.

It employs about fifty people.

"3 Suisse has 8 million subscribers and talks with 2 million of them," JDD's Olivier Gansberger said.

"We give one year to reach 4 million," he added.

According to Karine Scanjale, ShopInvest wants to keep a list of 3 suits and a very humanitarian model, in close relation with its customers, against Amazon's cool functionality or against market instruments such as La Routeau ".

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