Friday , January 22 2021

Sebastian Courts, Nemmoche's lawyer: "What does the lawsuit bring me? What is the problem and not the euro!"


The Guardian of Nemmoche says that the Pro Dio system also rejects.

You are hated by a piece of the population that convicts you for the protection of the devil. How do you live?

Sebastian Courtotti: "I do not understand it at the street in the Walloon Breban, and I do not ever come to say that people will tell me about this case, ask me if some people tell me that he could not kill four people and heavy on the bus in France. Despite being armed armed, he was arrested without any resistance and I tell him that there is a lot of terrorism cases More innocent people, because the police need less evidence for these cases. "

Henry Lacquay: "He is completely indifferent to me, the right to save everyone in a democracy, on that day there will be no lawyer for the protection of Satan, because we will live in a dictatorship."

A sit-down trial, how much does it cost?

S Courteny: "It annoys me!" The trial costs me money, I did not ask for a fee, and ProDO is a very paperwork, I do not ask because I think the state is guilty of imprisonment of a innocent person and I do not need to be realized, he has to renovate the ministers' offices. Can keep "

H. Laquay: "Not so much. In this case, if I have the courage to fill many forms, I will pay the best by the state in September 2020 … the state-paid allowances will not be filled. Not my fee for all the hearings, this two month's trial and In other parts of the country, all the travel has been done to see the maiden nemo. "

Who do you accept to save?

S Courteney: "Community Leagues, Center for Equal Economies and Scales."

H. Locke: "I do not have a specific, but I have a strong position: the customer does not enforce defense arguments which I can not accept."

Are you different from other criminals?

S Couroey: "I do not compare myself to others."

H. Lacowe: "Some criminal lawyers refuse to argue for fear of losing clients or fear of being disgraced in the case or fear of being disgraced, I finally do not have any pain."

When we protect the terrorists, do nightmares come nightly?

S Courtoui:

"Never, I do not have much time to do, I sleep very little but sleep, my brain works, fear of forgetting subtle arguments."

H. Locke: "After a day of work like me, trust me, we are silent and we are not ready to dream."

Have you ever repented for the fact that you can save the guilty person?

S Couroey: "Very frankly, because I do not argue with nischaya and when I know that I will be confident, I will argue only, but I think that if the innocent people are put in jail then lawyers are dreaming."

H. Laukwe: "No, I never doubt that the lawyers will regret the condemnation of innocent people, it is good that the guilty person be fired instead of the culprit."

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