Thursday , June 8 2023

Setshears in 2018 still have their taxes tax …


The lid

At this time, the communal council price votes are true … 2019

The next suggestion is hot and hot. What was the last meeting of Alain Mathew in Iron city? Lead the last advisor on November 29, the latest in the latest and the least (almost) majority, many weapons …

The small spiders, led by the Fabian Kulotta, are the most negative response from the MR in the coming years. Returning to his study to ask for Elle and two sarlermars, the game for socialist discussions was a little appreciated … Paul attracted Anne Nick.

Both refused to follow the price rise in 2019. Waiting for 2018 tax recruitment. "I'm taking myself," the smile of Burkhaomaster promised to send the documents … But since the Post Office last week was a good part of the strike, the mail will be coming soon.

At the same time, MR does not want this low minimum to avoid getting some subsidies from Seraing. "But there is nothing to change, we retain 2018 levels," Reminds Align Mathot. Like Ecolo. By 2016 it will increase to 104%, 2017 will be 85% and in 2018 it is 89%.

In short, there's a gap … who will pay? How can this be paid? Since Dec. 3, Assange Mathew does not want to defend his young friends, who are now learning to defend themselves.

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