Sunday , May 9 2021

Since 2021, UEFA formalizes the formation of the third European club club

The introduction of European football, which was brought together in Dublin, said that the winners of the new competition, which will be eligible for the next edition of Europa League, on Thursday, such as the C3.

Competition name, Participant bonus distribution key and commercial strategy, in particular, "Will be finalized in 2019"Said in the statement.

The Press Conference by UEFA President Alexander Sefridine is scheduled at the Dublin Hotel on Monday.

"In these UEFA competitions (Champions League, Europa League, new competition) 9 6 brings the total number of rivals, i.e. 32 teams in each competitionPowerful European Club Association (ECA), behind the project, said in a statement.

So this improvement suggests that the number of teams involved in the Europa League has now dropped from 48 to 32.

The finals of the three European Cups will be played in the same week: for the news on Wednesday, C3 on Thursdays and C1 on Saturday.

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