Monday , January 25 2021

Special Birthday Questionnaire for Michel Preedholm

Michele PredholmOn Monday, the guest of the Tribune, Benjamin Desunicik, born to him, had the right to a special birthday for 60 years.

He started this one by repeating the circumstances to return to the standard. "I came because I have to work again. And secondly, to help with standard reposition. The first contacts were from that period when the standard was not in good condition. But if it works well without me, it can be done without it"She explains.

If he had to choose the player who wanted the world, then Michele Predholm would give him a chance Eden Hazard Make his first matches in Pro League. If, as Vice President, he can choose a coach, he hesitates between them Felice Mazou And Philip Clement. If he has the opportunity to play the game again to change the score, he will not hesitate for a long time before choosing Belgium-England in the 1990 World Cup.

If it is a club or choice, the coach of the standard will not be hidden and will announce that he will decide to choose the Belgian selection. "It happened a few times but it was not possible. It is true that I have not done so much because there seems to be a possibility there and we will be in a good position to get a job. I often had quotes. The complete thing is, after being a player and coach in various clubs and national teams in Belgium, that would be a great thing. But unfortunately life is not enough to achieve what we want to do. So I do not think it will be for this life. "

After all, if he had to give advice to Michel Prudom 40 years ago, he would tell them:It is only through hard work that we come to this work. You have to focus on the game You have to continue work and never have to rest in this job."

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