Tuesday , January 19 2021

Square Crash in St.-José: Police warned police 15 days ago


Some prostitutes whose words are relayed by collective enthusiasm make sure that the police warned them two weeks ago that they will make a target on the evening of December 31. The municipality and the official authentication of the police do not comment on this confirmation. According to the witnesses present on the spot during the crash, according to the witnesses, square-seven, according to the police, there are only one stone throwing victims, who take shelter in girls in one or the other café in the district. .

New Year's Eve some people in the neighborhood have called the police attitude as a special odd one. "On Monday, December 31, at around 19:15, I am in a square of street Linnaeus who presented my desires to the girl when I heard a big blow in the door.", Comment of these residents of the district. "Then I look at the window and a young man is wearing a black color, under the eye of his face under the hidden scarf and the cap of his eyebrow, I am going outside a sign and the young man runs the dirt of flames in the middle of the road, I call my phone to the police I'm taking it for calling and I think two petrol cars are rue de la prér. "

The police will intervene in large numbers after just two hours, still the waterfront is surprised. "At about 9 o'clock, I'm going around Rue de la Brabant around Rue de la Rivière, where I saw a shielded helmet policeman, and I ask them what they are waiting for:

"We have been ordered not to interfere at this moment"
. That's the answer I got. After three hours in an hour, I arrive at two combos, then comes third. They run every hour at 5 o'clock and go to the Rue de la Rivier. Then the police starts a cross between the combos and uses their hugs to cheat and fool them … "

Currently, no one has been arrested due to excessive neighborhoods.

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