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Stock Market: What's going on in markets before opening on Tuesday


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New York Stock Exchange is close to balance at the beginning of Tuesday morning. Despite Donald Trump's uncomfortable professional commentary, investors are more cautious despite positive startups in a week.

The Dow Downs Industrial Average, the leading indicator of New York packet, is slightly lower than 0.16% to 24,560 points based on futures. Nasdaq, with strong technological color, dropped 0.43% to 6644.50 before the opening of the markets. During the S & P 500, it lost 0.22% to 2664 points.


"Technically, the rebound takes place yesterday," but it's hard to talk about turnarounds. In fact, there will be nothing in this context unless the market's visibility is high on the results of the US-China meeting, as part of the G20 summit, Christopher Deback, Economic Research in Responsible Saxo Bank

The President of the United States said on Monday that it is "extremely unlikely" that it reduces the expected increase in customs duty on imported $ 200 billion worth of imported goods from China, which is only a few days before a meeting during the summit with China's equivalent. G20

According to Dhambik, "The market is still in search of Italy and the United Kingdom, where we are starting to see signs of mildness, even though nothing has been done yet .. The brakesite agreement must pass Parliament's parliament in December and several weeks in Rome and Brussels negotiations There is a possibility of stretching. "

As far as Italian is concerned, the Italian government, which has become incapacitated, is now ready to change its 2019 budget to avoid the trend with Brussels, but to reduce tension in financial markets.

The British Parliament for Brakeset will decide on the European Union's withdrawal agreement with Brussels on December 11.


Hong Kong Stock Exchange closed at a low level on Tuesday, in which a crucial meeting between Zee Jeeping and Donald Trump was awaited, who threatened new conservationist action in case of failed negotiations.

Trade war between United States and China can reach a new level in the G20 in Buenos Aires, where the U.S. President meets Chinese equivalent

In the absence of agreement between the two leaders, Donald Trump threatens to impose "$ 267 billion" of additional customs duties, which means that all Chinese imports have been rescued from the US tax so far.

In an interview published on Monday by the Wall Street Journal, the US head of state has already found "very unlikely" that their administration avoids implementing this new tariff.

The US President said that "the only deal" in Donald Trump's eyes will be "open in the US competition" for China.

This trend was fearful of Stephen Innes (Onda) analysts fearing to "trump a trading warrior over Donald's wire maker" at the G20 summit this weekend.

Agenda on

On the indicator side, the conference confidence of the conference board in November is also in the United States in the afternoon.

Investors are also paying attention to the Federal Reserve (FED) for comment, whose President Jerome Powell indicates a slowdown in interest rates on Wednesday.

Encouraged by a strong growth in the US GDP, the rise in interest rates can be softened by the Fed in 2019 following a global economy's downturn.

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