Saturday , February 4 2023

Sweden overthrows Germany and completes the final class of women's world


Germany – Sweden: 1-2, Blackstenius keeps control of Swedish (live) – © Logic Vance – AFP

Sweden amazing by defeating Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals. Lead to the score, this Blågult In the semifinals, the situation has been able to turn the situation back to win. Sofia Jacobson And Steen BlesteniusIn the previous round, already definitive, answer to the initial goal Lina Magul.

This last quarter of the World Cup between Germany and Sweden is a classic of women's football. Both teams took part in the World Cup and got the fifth time in the competition.

If the first two paradoxes in the 90s turned to the benefit of Scandinavian, the last two in the 2000s were included by Germany in 2003, including their final two World titles (in 2007). For the fifth act, played in the new decade, the winner has changed once again.

At the beginning of the game was very nervous after the amazing Germany. Mensenffe received the award with an early goal of 20th consecutive first minute with the best start of the match Lina Magul (16e). German defense, however impenetrable from the start of the tournament, suddenly got pierced in the center Sofia Jacobson, While running equality (22nd), is launched in depth and without mercy.

Destructive, Germany was not able to reproduce the best combination of early game and kept the door open for Swedish criminals.

Break thanks then hit Sweden Steen Blestenius (48 m) and then folded in half to stop Germany's return. Although Germany's decision gradually changed into frustration, a mission was brilliantly accomplished.

In the final, Sweden will get the European champions in the Netherlands, title.

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