Thursday , January 21 2021

The father photographed his innocent sleep girl on a swing that he is actually hiding

It is not normal to see a child sleeping on a swing. And she might have been alarming in this English dad when his 23-month-old daughter fell asleep on the game. One moment that Dave wants to immortalize with Fletcher's photo.

In fact, this untimely fallacy has proven serious illness. A few months after this episode, there was a slight ezzy bone spitting on the body, as well as a fever. The state of small reductions, her parents take her to a hospital where the judgment comes quickly: there is leukemia in Ezie.

The great tiredness that the child suffers for many months has proved to be a hormone of the disease. Dave says, "My wife and I were both in shock because everything was fast."

"Everything was changed in the afternoon of the playground." Izzy was asleep and even sleeping on the swing, but I did not think about it. I just loved her and took a photo of her. It was not so much later that we realized That is part of the Symptom of leukemia. Izzi was constantly tired, she was cold and had some diarrhea on her feet, but I felt that she is related to her younger age, "the father admitted.

The decision of Vicky's mother was more difficult, "Five years ago a member of the family of Lucieman died. We did not know what the future would bring.

The diagnosis was made. After passing chemotherapy, a 3-year-old girl also takes treatment to prevent leukemia.

Today, hoping to save lives by sharing the story of Dave Fletcher's daughter Ezie.

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