Friday , January 22 2021

The polar vortex threatens to cool again, below 18 degrees!

The last winter was particularly rigid, with the temperature decreasing to minus 10 degrees in the center of the country and 18 degrees below the high fence. A cooler wave, powered by a polar vortex, can spread throughout Europe and return this year.

European and American climatologists have been concerned about the severe cold wave compensation for several weeks. After weeks of uncertainty, it seems that things are clear: the winter of 2019 will increase significantly significantly to negative temperatures.

Belgian climate expert Jean-Pascal de Yersel said on Twitter, "The tropics on the North Pole are divided into three parts and the weather causes weather in parts of the United States and Europe, from the second half of January." Meteorologists supported comments David Denouau, Which can be seen on RTL-TVI, "is always a polar vortex [au-dessus du pôle Nord] : Low-pressure zones, where about 20 kilometers, the snowy winds turn in opposite directions to a clock's needle.

"Now the calf is disturbed by hot air, so the low pressure zone becomes a high pressure zone and the wind direction changes. From the east wind, which gradually reduces the surface of the Earth. In this way, this polar air can also reach us That's what we experienced last year, but I'm not sure it's accurate. It all depends on the state of the high pressure zone: a little more towards Russia and the wind of east What happens is what happens, we can call it early or early next week because it takes about 14 days to change the weather for the effect of distorted vortex. And so far, we do not have reliable weather maps. It is safe that the vortex has broken and it increases the likelihood of winter weather this month, "he said.

Contrary to what might be considered, the polar vortex does not belong to global warming. According to meteorologist David Denouw, this climate is very common for experts, which was published by the media last year.

In any case, we can expect cooler or colder temperatures which last year we feel that till minima – 18 degrees.

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