Sunday , March 7 2021

The ten nails in Brussels's center were closed in moonlighting

On November 8, Bruce Capitol-Eisellese Police Zone took multiple disciplines in the 19th of May shops. The Reef Defrei's Gallery Do Center was established in the presence of the first replacement of the auction auditorium. . FSE, Finance and Public Health, ONS, Institute of Company Auditor (IRRE), Social Insurance of Social Insurance for Cell Employed Workers (INSTEGI), ONE, Brass Environment, and Brilluba supported the work.

Of these 19 firms, 10 were closed, judicial seals for the black race, and employers' employment in illegal conditions in Belgium.

Nail polycyth and nail polishing have often been confiscated by FPS public health due to health risks. The ambient air of this business was analyzed by the Brussels Environment. Because high density solutions can lead to stroke of individuals.

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