Friday , May 7 2021

There has been a sharp increase in yellow west prices on Amazon

There are unsuccessful reactions to the sale of its products in the claims of "yellow vests", which are originally intended for safety.

We can talk about collateral damage with the coordination of "Yellow Wests". This mandatory safety wardrobe for motorists is a real success in exclusive outlets, but not the same. And it says that the need for increasing demand is to suit the supply. Thus, on Amazon's online sales site, their prices have increased in Yellow Wests, as a result of being a symbol of civilian claims.

In recent days – and despite the events of the rioters – it seems that the civil movement of "Yellow Wests" has attracted more and more followers. If they are not all on the streets to show, the supporters show their support for the workers by joining the safety vest on their vehicle. In recent days, such items have been sold in stores. Other supporters have also turned to a wider Amazon.

Increasing demand, due to the economic system of sustainable "dynamic prices" on the website, fluorescent affects the prices of yellow safety wares. Indeed, this system makes it possible to automatically adjust the price of products sold on Amazon based on demand fluctuations.

Announced by our BFM colleagues, who provided for the promotion of the spirit of yellow west between 1ST And thanks to the Kippa Tool on November 30th, these products have increased by about 22% on the French version of the online sales giant.

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