Sunday , February 28 2021

There was a lot of urine in the pond!


From Tuesday onwards, the Lasithines swimming pool sanitary system will be restored to the public even if not met

Good news for swimming in magister city. The communal pond that will remain closed from Tuesday will be available again. But for years, technical issues are steeper, and how long will it be written? That is why, the swimming pool of this age will bring local authorities with a new water conservation complex, which can be funded by a public-private partnership. At the beginning of the week, the samples showed an unusually high urea level in the vessel's water. The fact that some swimming pools do not dare to avoid an emergency demand provided for this purpose is not a matter of water quality and sanitary conditions. Maintenance teams have to go ahead with chlorine excitement, requiring a closure before closing a new analysis. This is good and decided to open the pool again.


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