Saturday , June 10 2023

USA. Rebirth of Info Ginols in …



Latex puppets will be reborn … but on the other end of the world!

In June 2018, a beautiful story ended on Canal +. It Information guidesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge For thirty years on the encrypted channel, latex puppets representing the personality of the news have left the viewers. Vincent Bowl Lowry, Canal's Boss + Decision from 2015, which gave a bitter taste to the faithful of the satirical show presented by the PPDA puppet.

Successful programs have been noted in the Atlantic. In an interview with Deadline, Fox Channel President Michael Thorne confirmed that he was working to adapt Information guides For the small American screen. "We want to continue to offer more traditional live comic programs, but at the same time we are looking for variety to present sketch shows and alternative classical programs."Explains the latter for American media.

Puppet dog Puppet Triumph will introduce Robert Smiggle, father of the puppet Triumph The Insult comic dog, to insult the celebrity invited stars to the US adaptation of the show created by Ellen De Greif and Ellen Duvern. Saturday Night Show From NBC.

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