Tuesday , May 17 2022

World Diabetes Day: There are two diabetes in the world with ten young people


Kinshasa – This day is aimed at increasing awareness of the effectiveness and complexity of diabetes. This will increase blood sugar levels.

Diabetic patients are diabetic with ten adults worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO), which published the World Health Organization (WHO) in ACP on November 14, is part of World Diabetes Day. Retaining in 2018 is "family and diabetes".

Diabetes is a serious problem in their nations because of their health and the economic prosperity.

This day aims at increasing awareness of diabeticness and complexity in the opinion of the World Health Organization. This will increase blood sugar levels.

Type 1 diabetes (childhood or natural), type 2 (obesity, apathy and inactive lifestyle), diabetes insipidas (This is how a brain, the amount of insuline during pregnancy, pregnancy, abortion), ultrasound with diabetes the pancreas (an organ in the digestive system) secrete or body on how to react to this hearmeanilekk affects the Indeed, it was these conditions.

Under Type and Hardness, diabetes controls dietary supplements, weight gain, oral medications, or insulin insulin. The theme of the World Health Organization suggests that diabetes impediments, heart attacks, heart attacks, kidney disease, kidney disease and death.

In November 1991, the 14th International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization were established to meet diabetes and raise the nation's weight.


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