Saturday , June 19 2021

"Yellow Dresses" forms a political movement for the next elections

Four days later, at a number of places in Vavuniya, the strike decided to go further. Their various representatives agree to create a political movement called the Belgian Citizen Movement. He will take part in the next elections.

"I spoke with Antonio Quattrocchi, the first person I had called for in Belgium, and it's decided," Giles said. "It will not be a party, it will definitely be a protest against a citizen."

"Each one has done something after these works, so there will be something," he said. "We will have to raise the weaker morals, we will naturally argue that citizenry is based on the basis of Belgian political thought.

The movement seems to have a problem with naming. There is a party that uses the name "Movmentent Sitoy's Belge". It was created two years ago and intends to work on the next election.

He did not express his dissatisfaction with contact with Patrick Boland, the founder and president of Belgae. "I'm studying because they are thinking of using this name, but because we submitted it, it's not possible," he said. "They might have investigated."

M. Boland was not against a balancing act. "They have nothing against me, they can contact me and talk to us," he said.

Tony Deloyer, one of the Belgian "voicing" voting champions responded, "We did not know what a party is using this name already." "We will have a good solution to take into consideration a name change and actually join the army."

"Citizens who have worked within the past few days are well represented in the next election," he said.

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