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Yellow Dresses: Stakeholders in Van Andre and Shlucin, the temporary shortage in the Leagi region



Yellow fishermen are banned in front of oil companies to prevent fuel oil import trucks. The Belgian Federation of Traders is fuel (Bracho) on Monday.

Investments in Felipe and Werate are still held. But Burkacco said the fuel was likely. Ecclesign's investment was released on Monday morning. You need to get back on the day of the vandre again. They have been demanding compulsory arrests in the oil companies' depots to force "yellow dresses". "Brasiers have taken security measures because of their presence," said Federal Technical Director Olivier Neerink.

Protestors of Feli and Virde have been detained by the protesters.

In contrast to the "yellow colored clothes" announcement this weekend, Baroquo tries to prevent trucks importing fuel.

However, rehabilitation takes longer last Monday by avoiding the risks of fuel injuries. "There is no cause of panic, especially when there are other solutions when needed."

Issues in the league area

TheDeposit access restored, but the consequences are still visible. If Sudeto reports that some of the tanks, in Sleczyn and Wandrey, are dried in the leagues, especially in the lease area, there is no fear. Olivier Nairik, Director of the Belgian Federation of Fuel Traders, said that there are solutions to eliminate famines. Brussels and Flemish deposits are always available. Some delivery times may have a few hours less, but do not be afraid.

Finally, E19 will have an affair with France, RTBF reports. The protesters conduct a filter filter in the Hency Board.

Status in France

Many times in the traffic and fuel depots on Monday morning & # 39; Yellow Dresses & # 39; Disturbed.

Damages such as oil reservoirs, barriers and filters had been retained by the night. Toll, highway and peripherals were organized on a three-day basis.

"Two deposits are being blocked, Rennes, Foss Sir, and Merch (BouchSDown Rhone) are not available in the varna, which has not affected it now.

Several incidents have been heated again in the night. An English truck driver was taken into custody by police on Sunday for blocking the road block. A truck's driver junctions stopped at Haute-Marne. The yellow color was hit and the hospital was rushed to the hospital.

According to Roeau Prefecture, the Yellow Tail of Lima toilet in Auvergne-Ron Alps, A6 in Villefranche-sur-Saone. According to the Sion-Eight-Lear's preference, the A6 region was intercepted from the southern seas in Chalon-sur-Seine. In the south east, many dams and sometimes blocking were installed in the A7 in Avignon or Bollène, orange.

Mp With Belga

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