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"Yellow Vests": compilation continues, the government "


"Yellow matches" are falling on Sunday on many roads in France. Following this, the fuel tax increase was raised.

"The course we have proposed is good, and that's good, we will hold it back," the premier edition of the Edward Philip Ad-Prayer Channel General gave this unprecedented gathering in the weekend, following the 2nd Sunday lunch in France.

He admitted in the struggles of protesters saying, "We heard the outrage, but suffered, and the lack of expectation, the idea that the authorities did not last long, and did not react to the concerns and the unresponsiveness of the population and was abandoned by a section of the population."

The protest was against the price of price rise. The policy of the taxpayers' government has been further strengthened and the purchasing power has gone down.

AFP Sunday observed the blues, especially the filter mines and weaving activities. Social workers, political parties and political parties. Unions.

In many places, the "yellow hunt" said that the protest will continue on Monday, for example the brush (center). Morbahan (Britain, West), "Truckers are joining us tomorrow," one spokeswoman for protests said. The same story in Le Mans (West).

About 150 sites, protesters, and media have estimated 40,000 requests to be renewed on a second day in a row.

According to the home ministry, 290,000 people protested against 2,034 sites.

The number of human holders on the weekend is very high. A 63-year-old protester hit a driver and injured more than 400 people. There were plenty of homicides, including 14 policemen. 282 people were arrested.

A traffic policeman was injured near a northern ambassador near Saint Quinada on Sunday. But his days are not in danger, journalists say.

In the afternoon, along with tears, the tears, including thousands of "yellow dresses" founded by a filter dam in the canyon west of the Can (West) region.

In the morning, they intervened to halt two blocking points in the southern part of the city. A radar and streets were arranged on the road around the night.

The Burgl-En-Bress (Center East) city councilor made a homophobic attack on Saturday by a "yellow dress" that was quite disappointing, while Home Secretary Christophe Castanor "defamatory acts".

– "Many young people" –

Outside highways, many parts of commercial areas were blocked. Oshan Distribution Department has mentioned about 20 disasters.

"We are seeing a recession of the movement (…), but these are the most inspirational factors, sometimes the hardest group," said Aunt's spokesman, shopping centers.

In the south-east, during the entrance of the Kawelino, a few dozen manned cars, deployed by a French flag, were also filtered. "We are too young, because we are not going out, we work like a madman, sometimes it's going to stop, we do not live anymore, we survive" Emily, aged 27, has condemned an elderly scholar.

In the west, "macronens and suppresses it" in a banner in the suburbs of Nantes, near the main commercial area of ​​the city. Approximately 150 "yellow colored dresses" activated a roundabout, stopped cars, and asked the drivers to allow yellow diamond to be painted.

In a Leon-Paris direction, a filter dam was installed on the A6 motor line.

In the eastern Pyrenees (south-west), the Boulou toll at A9 continued. In the last casualty pre-part of Spain, traffic in A16 was very disturbing at the artwork near the cargo tunnel. On the initiative, there is no influence on the harbor or tunnel traffic.

In Eurostine near Paris, "Yellow Dresses" enacted an independent parking lot. "Today we want to expand the movement, tomorrow, we want to continue their vacation," said 47-year-old ARP Arun.

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