Thursday , September 16 2021

Yellow Wests: "In Charlotte, 80% of the arrested people are known for justice"


27 injured in an attack on a yellow vests demonstration in Charlori was arrested on Saturday night. More than 80% of people have criminal records and are between the ages of 18 and 28. On this Sunday night, 180 police will be collecting on the ground for the maintenance of public order. Charlieiro Mayer, Paul Magnet, held a press conference this Sunday, with local police in Charlorovi and Honeyaut's governor Tommy Laclark. All were eager to show peace between the "yellow west", who showed peacefully and cheated hundreds, who infiltrated the sole purpose of infiltrating their territory. Street furniture such as City Hall and the Palace of Justice's windows were ransacked. Shelters and parking meters were destroyed, which collected this Sunday's sectarian services to repair the damage as quickly as possible. Cobblestones and iron bars were also thrown in the police.

Paul Magnet said, "27 people have been arrested, including 5 judicials." "We have analyzed the profiles of these people who are very young (between the ages of 18 and 28) and are known for 80% justice for drugs mainly. They come from Charleroi while others come from the regions of Liju and Nmur or come from other cities of Hennut They obviously come here to create trouble here, we can not tolerate Charloroi and their sufferings, so that the staff will have to Ray will be strengthened in the evening. "

Thus, to prevent the formation of two policemen, five platelets of 36 police personnel will be arranged in the four corners of the city. Phillip Straitsart, head of the Charliei Police Zone, said, "This is an urban guerrilla event in which small groups spread across the city, which confuse interventions." "However, we have stopped one of the five breakers, which are important, we analyze their profiles, but to identify the maximum number of people filmed by the urban camera, in particular, we also want to make lawyers and judges vulnerable. So the criminals of such facts should get a strong answer. "

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