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There is a reaction in the fight against people living with HIV Ask for epidemics and more National funding

During the celebration of World AIDS Day, people living with the virus of the disease call authorities to respect the promises and make a budget line for response to HIV / AIDS. Disease It was Saturday, December 1st, a day devoted to the fight against a therapeutic force. This World Day Against AIDS provides the opportunity for governments and other actors to fight shock to coordinate with people to show the importance of fighting the AIDS. Infected and affected by HIV / AIDS
This year's theme: "Knowing Your HIV Status, Rights and Duties" focuses on eliminating obstacles to access testing and treatment services for the population of young people and keys. . This day provides a platform for dialogue and exchange on major concerns related to HIV Crusades. President of Malian Dzarmi Omuo Diary, Malian Network of Associations of People Living HIV (Ramp +), said that the fight against epidemic is facing many problems today. Indeed, the withdrawal of global funds by human resources monitoring that works on providing care, support and advisory sites, thousands of HIV positive people declare care and lack of social counseling. According to him, 24,000 patients are at risk, which is 55% active population in Mali.
Mrs. Dijerma Omeau Diara has warned that if the state government does not acquire the state employee's remuneration, then the first sites will be closed at the end of this month. As a result, 166 employees of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and psychological advisers will be fired. She hopes that these staff will be returned to the public service to save more service. The President of the network urged the officials to collect more national funding so that they can not fully depend on international funding. She urged for the creation of a budget line dedicated to civil society in the national budget to fight HIV / AIDS by cleaning management to avoid the sensitive funding being allocated to semi-fictional NGOs. This will strengthen the control and auditing of funds to increase the liability of national actors for these activities and expenses.
Mrs. Diary also discussed other issues, including biological surveillance of patients. According to him, the situation is horrible because the amount of viral load has become a luxury for the patients. He accuses this year of signing of maintenance contracts for viral load devices. A spokeswoman for the affected people believes that it is not possible to reach 3×90 without the free distribution of the screening and antiretroviral (ARV) community.
In the Mali, Lucia Elme, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System acknowledged that AIDS has done a lot in national response and it has yielded solid results. However, she expressed that we can meet the requirements of not ending the epidemic by 2030. They will say that, in 2020, 90% of people will be living, HIV-positive people know the condition of their HIV, 90% of people are aware of HIV status, they have treatment And 90% of them reach the discoverable level of HIV in their bodies. In other words, 3X90. To achieve this, Coordinator argues that all actors and partners, as well as internal and external resources, should have more ramabilization. She assured that the United Nations system would not make any effort to continue to support Mali, so that everyone could lead a positive life in his life and in 2030 he would be informed about the status of HIV in order to announce the end of AIDS. Countries
As part of their part, the Health and Public Health Minister suggested that their department make every effort by its Regional Unit to fight AIDS to ensure the effectiveness and coverage of the national sector. Prevention offer. Pro Samba Osman Saw said that community activities, activism and advocacy play a major role. He felt that it was important for the communities to understand that we can not keep health problems in the loneliness and we can ignore the social decisions of health.
Before starting the month-long activity against HIV / AIDS, he urged the population to be more integrated and intelligent than HIV and AIDS. After all, and besides, he advocated screening and treatment, good health and promising future hints.
During this month, activities on specific topics will be done during the week of the theme. First-time-to-child transmission is on removing and the second week will focus on HIV and the conflict. Will focus on the third test and access to treatment and deal with discrimination and disgrace last week.

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