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11/19/2018 – Globo begins to give a new face to nine lines in the night


Globe continues to be involved in organizing and updating authors in various novels. The earlier settlement was in the past. In addition to a number of processes already performed by Silvio d'Abrún, in addition to a number of already existing processes, among others, the most important of these times is 9pm.

6:00 PM for hits like Leas Manso, "A Vida da Jante" and "Sete Vidas". Along with the names of Valzir Corozo and Aguililla Silva, the next attraction is to share their work. In his name "the temporary title of this strategy.

It is possible to predict that the novel in Lusia will be Mauritian farees, director of art director. His name is closely associated with Humor – "Cassatta", "Tapatte e Beige's" and "Not Taw …" – he is considered to be a well-known professor of creations in many of the books out of the globe. .

By the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Lee makes his debut.


& # 39; Home Owner & # 39; s new comedy series in the first half of 2019.

The project is partnering with producers RG (Rogerio Gallo) and Floresta in the project Daniel Gwiedder.


Henry Castelli is still the replacement of "Malaço-Toda Maniera de Amar", "Vidas Brazilianas".

Emmanuel Jacobine wrote, along with the General direction of Adriae Mello, in January.

Esteva Allular / TV Lobo
Louisa Tom, Scarlet MacKenzie "The Seventh Guardian" Picture: Estheval Aaller / TVGlobo

Come on, come on

Lloyd Tomé, Scarlet MacKenzie enters the book "The Seventh Guardian" on Wednesday 9th.

It appears and disappears. It will come back in 38 – "So people are losing, I hope."

To work

Danielle Gentle, Murillo Kato, Leo Lins, and Danny Kalabrabas are already in the horror, the first season of the comedy series – "The Terminators".

Warner and Cube Films are produced.

Short circuit

SBT has a record of "Evening Novels". Record it or not, do not record it.

He had a dispute. And he took hold of it, and was gathered to the men of the place.

There is a history

In SBT, the most frequent complaints are always being recorded to capture your case and your hands.

There is also a list: at 8:30 pm novel; Movie fair; Two novels – last one, and the first of the week will be compromised. Of course, free space.

Bring light

The director of "Summer 90" presented George Fernando's recordings as part of a good project project, instead of "no time".

If you're stunned and always stunned, feel stroke and work with other directors. Health first.

Jo'a's son

Art 1, led by the Band Group, debuted the "philosophy and music" of the program made by Sinne Group on the night of December 14th.

The film will be directed by Francisco Bosco, son of Joao Bokocus, and the guests will talk about the lyrics in the studio and interpret and connect them to the philosophy.


The first season of "Vision and Music" will have four episodes: Nando Rice, Tom Se, Marina Lima and Lenin.

& # 39; Kotta Nao Esmola & # 39; Beey Ferrari, who bombed the Internet on the video, sang Noel Rosa's song "Philosopia".


At the age of 19, Rade TV now works at its headquarters at a small museum in Ossco.

This space provides old computers, photos and other devices, even on days of station work in alpha.

And still from there

Network tv! By organizing, all of its programs on the Internet, already in 2019, have a unique content in the concept of multiplayer. From journalism to entertainment.

The goal is to engage online audiences and, at the same time, synchronize web content with television content.


"Expedição Uruguai" is on Monday in Philippe Pectotto in an event called "Jornal da Band".

Through his car, he traveled thousands of kilometers through rural Uruguay. Raising cattle, counciling and casinos … However, the controversial decision to use Mariyana's entertainment and abortion law was controversial.

"Love and sex" tile muller Picture: Revealing / TV Globe

Tomorrow's Event

In the most respected seasons, "Amore and Sexy" and Tina Muller will be one of the special guests of this event.

Presentation Fernando Lima.

Beat – rebate

• "DONOS DE BOLLA", Neto wrote, comments from him or participants, has paid for the money to keep the binder's money …
• … Usage of programs on YouTube is a common occurrence, representing $ 80,000 per video.
Jossey Emilio meets with the Ambrosio Bandar people
• Everything is expected to feature interesting projects in the field in the coming months.
Band's big business sports today …
• … Therefore, the VD of Women's World Women's Day has seen audiences more than a day and a half in the morning.
• TV Brazil promotes the premiere of "Atos" Program on Monday at 10:45 am, Antonio Pinganga gets first guest …
• The program to be partnered with Casa Das Artes de Lorenzaraz, who is looking for the challenges of the actor training process …
• … the first season will have 13 26 minutes episodes.

* Jose Carlos joined Neron

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