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& # 39; Mirror of Life & # 39;: Chris Crisen will announce to Allen that he is in love with Daniello

& # 39; Mirror of Life & # 39 ;: Vijay Strauda is Chris (Photo: TV Globe)& # 39; Mirror of Life & # 39 ;: Vijay Strauda is Chris (Photo: TV Globe)

In the next chapters "Mirror of life", Chris (Vitoria Strauda) will announce to Allen (João Vicente de Castro) that he is in love with Daniello (Raphael Cardoso). When he searches for the producer, everything will start To announce that you can travel on time:

"There is no logical understanding, I know, but I can go back in the past. There I am Julia, who is in love with Daniilo. Remember that you thought I was very involved with Julian's character. She was also afraid that I would confuse her.

Obviously I was right. My love, I'm not a kid or a fool, I'm sorry, but you told me that you are in love with another person, the second dimension, who has double life. Something is wrong with you. I do not think we'll talk about that kind of thing.

Chris will insist on telling more about his experience, but he will doubt the story:

The woman I love says that she has another face on her footsteps, she just lives in the past and she travels From There I tell you instead that there is no, yes, but flesh and blood. I was going to bear From Terrible, but I was going to see it From Face it, Punch, who knows how to forgive and become your godfather. But a person from another dimension? You're sick, my love.

You're really giving me the bottom I know that this is hard to hear, but try not to be least shocking. I thought I was sick, but Dalton (Marcelo Escorl) Make sure I am good, I'm not mad, he sent you a report.

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Then the filmmaker will convict Margot (Irene Rawche), who will annoy Chris:

With your adultery, open your head From Other reality Margot explains that each of our lives is like a theatrical season. Next season, or next life, we use other clothes, we play other roles, but we, the actors remain the same.

TueLet me do this directly. You, Chris, played Julia in the past. This Julia fell in love with Daniilo. But Chris went back there, took a paper from Julia and joined Denilo. And do I, Alin, this season, a part of the ship or the stupid?

Enough, Elin. I was a fool trying to comprehend. I thought that I can unify people, I can reduce the pain of separation. But you are not ready I think I have to apologize to you a lot. Forget everything I said. I was just looking for a little story, Tue? She also forgets, "she says," she will be gone. "

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