Monday , August 15 2022

4,000 students want experts against HPV


At Santhos municipal schools aged 9 to 13, 3,985 students must have a virus with a humane role. Cervix, Valve, Yoni, Sex, Aerofarrix, etc. Many cancers are infected with the virus. This number represents every third of students in the defense network.

The municipal health and education department was founded jointly by the Health Training program to monitor diseases in the school environment in health. One of the program's coordinators, Erlissa Wagert, says the technicians in City Hall are based on the statistics of electronic medical records for those who have been defended in polyclinics.

"We have reached data with 39 schools in the municipal network, recorded in the municipal system or reached number of unregistered students," he explains.

With this information, "The school sent a note to each of the parents, so they had a timetable to renew their children's books, and after this holiday season, four announcers will begin to visit schools to collect this information," he adds.

Difficult solution

Trial is a difficulty in meeting the vaccination target against HPV. If the official vaccination is added to calendar in 2015, the vaccination against HPV virus may be lower. It is recommended for children ages 11 to 14 and girls aged 9 to 14. This is 11.27 percent in the Bauxdo Sandesta. The target is 80%.

According to the Department of Health, 20,428 young people – 12,596 girls and 7,832 boys. From January to August this year, 7,587 dose vaccine was applied. Of the 9 to 14-year-olds, 2,067 were the first dose (16.4 percent coverage), while the second was 1,648 (13 percent). Among the boys aged 11 to 14, 2,028 were the first dose (25.8%), the second (1,844) and the second (23.5%).

For specialists, low obedience in HPV vaccination is due to lack of information as a result of smoother reactions to the vaccine. For example, Bertigo episodes when students claim to be a dose response.

Ersi says that many parents will be given the fear of stimulating the sex of their children. "This is one reason why there are other natural doctors who do not want to vaccinate their children who are not in favor of vaccines," explained the coordinator of the Health In-School Program.

They are asked to cooperate with her parents. "We need their help, so you can respond to the text they sent, and do not be afraid, the vaccine will prevent future problems, which prevents the cancer of the penis, the same vaccine given in a private clinic.

Nelson Alex Charlesx Amory, technical director of the Santos Immunization Center, says: "In 15th century literature, illnesses are very good in preventing diseases.

The offense

The Vice President of the Brazilian Society of Immunization (SIB), Pediatrician Renato Kafouri, HPV sexually transmitted, for which the vaccine is afraid.

"This is a cancer vaccine, and people are concerned that sex is not vaccinated because it's a big mistake," he says.

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