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"Acere 4": The new theory extends the time, talking about reviving the heroes – 18/11/2018


Mavelin and Disney did not have another weekend, "News 4". However, fans are still eager to know what the character of the next film is.

A new theory of popularity on the internet avoids the journey and makes the breeze of mind more expensive. What's going to happen in the fourth film of the franchise is an interesting picture.

"If you realize what you can do with the gemstones of the infinity, you know that the solar process can bring back the dead and that the burning of the mind will control the actions of another person." I believe that Ta'nu will revive all heroes, and he will powder them out of the dust and use the jewels of the mind and the soul to control them and act like their dolls, "he said.

"If you want, he can use the burning power to enhance his powers, or flare, and increase the burning effect of the mind, in this half the task of preserving the cosmos of the universe, the most important, to deal with the gentlemen who tried to steal Infinity's jewels."

The only way to destroy this spray is to destroy or steal the blaze of the mind, that's not easy. "

The theory suggests that after typing the tangus, life will be saved and save himself from the remaining agencies.

Anthony, & # 39; Avenger 4 & # 39; s directed by Joe Russo Brazilian cinematography will be released on May 2, 2019.

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