Friday , January 27 2023

After refusing chemotherapy, health plans were condemned to give compensation and compensation to patients in Itauna. | Central West


After rejecting the supply of chemotherapy sessions, whose age did not know, Anime D. Ituana was ordered to pay R $ 7,000 for moral damages and pay the patient another R $ 6 thousand. In another example, the decision was made on Friday (28) by Justice Justice Minas Garrise (TJMG).

O G1 Unidined contact with the Communications Consultant to talk about the decision and wait for the response.

TJMG's decision was given the first example by Itaú district. According to case-file, access by G1 This Saturday (29), this case would have happened in 2014.

According to the action, the patient needed 24 sessions of chemotherapy by applying introcular injection with Behaviorism, to treat severe reproductive diabetes retinoplasty with macular edema in both eyes.

However, urging the health plan to cure the disease, Anemand refused to accept the procedure, claiming that it is not included in the guidelines used in the role of National Health Agency (ANS), according to the National Surveillance Agency Standards Resolution Cleanliness (Ewisa).

In the decision, TJMG Judge, Jose Flavio di Almeida said that the refusal to cover the examination prescribed by a cooperative doctor is moral damages and adds that "health plans may establish diseases, but not the type of treatment used to treat everyone."

In addition to compensation for the moral damages suffered by the patient, the defense requested a compensation for the cost of the treatment, claiming that her medical condition was not immediately approved by her for waiting for authenticity from the health plan.

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