Monday , January 25 2021

Agents in the chain have 500 Euro with peso

This Friday (21) in the military police's prison complex, this Friday (21), MP Corangoreva agents got 500 euros and a few dollars worth of dollars, together with Colombian Pacos and Yan's governor Luiz Fernando Pazo, Newspaper & # 39; s Globo & # 39; According to the data, who is trapped in the unit.

According to the report, during the survey, outside of the chain, there were seven cell phones in the normal area in the back of the chain, and were found with the help of electromagnetic waves detection equipment.

Inspection of the prison direction is inspected. Earlier this morning, armed forces and corporation teams came to the complex.

The Leo Jatto's Task Force arrested Pazona on November 29, after being sentenced to jail in the official residence of the head of State de Rio de Janeiro.

The governor is accused of money laundering, criminal organization and active and inactive corruption. The court also fixed the barrier of R $ 39 million in assets.

According to the evaluation of the Lava Jatto Task Force, keeping it loose prevents the recovery of values, and can eliminate the acquired assets as a result of criminal practice.

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