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AMD patent describes hybrid-ray tracing solutions in real-time


a AMD Preparing Hybrid Ray Tracing Solution for Genuine Contest in Real Time Turing No Nvidia, Or at least those that suggest a patent registered by the manufacturer in 2017 – and has recently been discovered by the site Tom's hardware. This technology uses a combination of dedicated cores to determine the direction of light rays (such as Nvidia) in the scene with the use of software to reuse the traditional shading core for trailing trail.

Official Website: AMD Radion RX 5700XT 50th Anniversary

AMD scientists argue that this approach lets you avoid the limitations of technology used by Avidia on your video cards. This is because of the GPUs GFForce RTX 2080 Or GFForce RTX 2070 Programming suffers from a lack of flexibility, with only a significant portion of their data serving a very special type of practical application.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The purpose of not using software-based solutions is quite clear, GFForce GTX 1060 Trying to run any title with the ability to understand this, trace trail. To be more technologically, the AMD document explains that software-based solutions are very intensive and it is difficult to measure its performance without compromising the significant field of video card death.

In addition to this, Ray's software reduces substantial performance compared to hardware-based solutions. For the traditional GPU to run a game with a Ray Tracing on an accepted display level, it is necessary to reduce both the quality of the graphics so that it will probably be less realistic than the similar title with the graphics, but without traceable rays.

Proposed hybrid technology in AMD patent would be a solution, which together with specific shadow units, used a combination of hardware to find the best of both sets for hard tiles. The point is that since he is an old patent, he does not know whether AMD is working with this method for the first generation of its real-time ray GPUs tracing. If it is still the way of their choice, considering the technologies seen on the next generation consoles, Microsoft Project Scarlett And Sony Playstation 5.

Featured image source: AMD

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