Saturday , February 27 2021

An Indian national was shot dead after police fired a fishing boat on a fishing boat

An Indian citizen was shot dead in an indiscriminate location by a fishing company. This Friday in the Rio Isabel in Rio Isabel (16) and 630 km from Manasu.

Instead of the recommendation of an Amazon sports fisherman from the Sao Paulo industrialist Flavio Talmumi, fishermen on the Unoix River in the Rubbish-Ti Indigenous Land, where ten people live.

In the report of the Federal Ministry of Finance (Federal of the Organization of the Federal Organization for Fisheries) Foen (Indians), the Indians came to the boat and questioned their presence there. The bar was racist to the police who expelled from the Indian Army to end the discussion. One of them, Arindo Nogira, was arrested and arrested.

According to Daniel Napoli, the Amazon Sports Fishing Operations Manager, Indians and hands shot and taken one of the fishing boats connected to the boat-hotel. The company went to the village and called the police. Where a group of civilian police and prime ministers were attacked with stone. Underground confrontation shot dead Nograhas.

Under the request of the MPF, the federal Justice ordered the state and federal government to deploy the police for deployment and investigation of the police. In addition, the Amazon sports company was barred from entering the indigenous land.

Napoli said that the fish in this area received recognition from the Santa Isabel City Hall for fish. He said the process of land extraction is not yet complete. He accused the NGOs of carrying Indians and other private-owned sports fishers from fisheries covenants.

Last year, ZURUBABADI was placed 1.2 million hectares in an ordinance signed by Justice Tortquato Jardim. Started in the beginning of the process in 2007, two steps, reception and adjustment.

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