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Analysis: Usup's 1st Phase needs more interventions and a good referrer – news


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The first phase of the Unes University Entrance Examination (Universal Estal Policing) is more interventional than the university's academic year conducted on Thursday (15th). UOL.

"It was a very important experimentation test, which is a priority and more difficult than last year," Daniel Perry, Coordinator of the Anglo-Course, says.

Questions about Portuguese, English, Geography, History, Philosophy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Subject to examinations include Plastic Arts, Base Jumper Precision risk, System of Materials in Electrical Circuits and Monitoring of Technology Organizations.

"There was a question about biology, physics, and chemistry in complex ideas," he said. "The candidate had good analytical skills, Perry says.

The courses coordinator for courses and schools, the Vera Liyya da Costa Antones, followed the tradition of not creating evidence, and simple questions do not doubt students.

"It's not just conventional issues, there is a supplemental standard for evaluating the training of students," Antonus says, for example, creating "rich" herself by interpreting cartoons and cartoons among the race.

There is a question that emphasizes the importance of various subjects, whether it is ready for examination or not, "they say.

Professor of Pedagogical Director of the Student Workshop CELIO TASINFORCE APPLICATIONLY For him, it was an "old" test.

"The university has been chosen to be the most crumpled in the various subjects, an examination that has not yet been conducted, but they are not interdisciplinary, but it is decontequilia testimony," he criticized.

"I do not say proof of controversy, but it should be more relevant to the student's reality."

Easier than coconut?

Students on social networks said that Unibe was more testing than the National Examination of Secondary School, which was held in two stages on 4th and 11th of January this year.

The reporter's judge's teachers heard that this was only valid for a few subjects.

"Chemistry was much simpler than chemistry, and language was quite feasible," says Daniel Perry. We have to consider that two sessions will be conducted on two Sundays, which have too many questions, but it is very light, but this year's unsupported test is more difficult than the previous year and still accessible. "

In his opinion, who has done well for Aamir who will not have problems in today's matches.

Professor Celio Tosinepho, a student prepared for Esem, has a long way to go to the second stage of the second unit. "He has a large number of readers, so he has more readability, he texts, statements deployed and more widely thought."

The second step and the result

Results of the first phase will be announced on December 3. The second phase will be conducted on December 16 and 17.

Candidates list will be listed on February 1, 2019, in Ansap.

The Institute is offering 7,365 out of 23 municipalities in São Paulo. 50 per cent each for Reserve Management in public sector education. According to the Vanuscape Foundation, which runs at the Unapees College Entrance Examination, 55.8 per cent of students from public schools last year

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