Tuesday , January 19 2021

Authentication became a process target by box 2 in the STF

247 – Federal Supreme Court (STF) minister Edson Fachin ordered the J & F, JBS member, Deputy and future Chief of Staff, Onyx Lorenzo to file a complaint. DEM-RS), considered to be one of the strongest people of the elected Jair Bollenzo. Based on the suspicion of funding by the cashier, for the inauguration of ten claims against the members of Parliament, the request of Attorney General Rachel Dodge

According to J & F Taylor's testimony, in 2012 and 2014, the business group will transfer two to Lorenzo, although the use of illegal values ​​can prove to be useful. Case "was checked, as it appears in the procedures of item 2 above, in situations in which political agents have received a hidden receipt of money during parliamentary orders, which still have a forum in the STF, evaluation is needed. To take action in relation to each authority involved Autonomous applications, "Dodge in the request for the beginning of the proceedings is justified.

However, Factin Lava is agreeing to Jata's claims and JBS For the delay of group officials who are in the STF process, new claims should not be sent directly to their analysis. This material will be sent to the free distribution through lottery members of the court.

In addition to the hearing against Lorenzo, P.G.R. It also requested that taxis (PT-SP), and Senator Sergio Nogira, of Geronimo Gorgen (PP-RS), Else Moreira (MDB-RS), Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI), Z. Silva (SD-MG) and Paulo (PP-PI), Renan Calihirus (MDB-AL), Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM) and Wellington Phagunds (PR-Mt).

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